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Some late night scalping, trading is truly a financial freedom option for you and your family! Working on passing my challenges for a funded account with Aqua Funded!

Moses Lyons

If you're a new trader, the Wednesday session will be really good for you. I changed the name for this to give flexibility to breakdown basic forex principles used or applied during setups. So basically, it's still a live session, setups, SL, TP will be given, and some basic forex price action drill. Some of the days, if I fix the session on Friday, then we may not likely give any trading setups; hence, the day can be utilised for just interactive moments for Q&A pertaining to what we're doing since Friday trading is not really good for currency traders that don't wish to hold positions over the weekend. Don't fail to show up.


PIP Marksman(Tama)

I started the February FundedNext Challenge Platform yesterday with $100,000. Using Brandon setup and other price action skills I've learned so far I "push the button" as Brandon says lol

I did all of these small win trades by myself yesterday and today. I'm proud of myself and looking forward to keep learning this skill set and growing my FundedNext challenge platform account in hopes of winning a spot 🙏🏾

Rheno Dawson

Guys, we have changed the London Live Trading Session to "Forex Price Action Drill." This is to enable us to be flexible because I noticed many here actually need more time for mentorship on a trading concept than live trading for now. So NY Live Session will be enough to get us going, while we used previous London trading for education, and in the process, we can be giving live setups as well. The setups we are going to give during the session will be reviewed during chart markup before we proceed to the new-week analysis. So during the price action drill, sometimes we'll be taking time to take the new traders to the foundation, and so on. Thanks.


PIP Marksman(Tama)


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