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Good day, family. TNWS is bringing the prop firm challenge to our door in 2024.

Now, what is the benefit of this challenge to our trading journey?

▶️Reduce trading costs.

▶️Access to more capital

▶️Collaborative environment


▶️Stick to closed rules.

▶️Putting you on a drawdown limit will make you pay close attention to your risk management, trading plan, etc.

 If you apply the discipline to trade and successfully pass the challenge, then there is nothing that can stop you from trading the live account when assigned.

Donna P
Dec 21, 2023

Now, many may get scared of how they will manage to pass the challenge, but that is not a problem; that is where the "collaborative environment" comes into play. I am sure you have been seeing a series of prop challenge passed congratulations screen shots in the channel often, and TNWS has two live trading sessions in London and New York multiple days weekly, meaning even if you are a new trader, you can opt in to the challenge and trade along with us on our live trading session. All you have to do now is take advantage of the 50% discount offer going on now to unlock your access to the TNWS platform and be part of the exciting projects coming in 2024.

We all know trading in the financial market requires not just good capital but much capital if you want to make something meaningful from it. So instead of risking all your savings on it, why not discipline yourself? Determine to use challenges to gather funds, which can even get you more money to fund your direct broker wallet if you ever wish to continue your trading. All in all, the most important thing is shifting the discipline applied to your live trading, and that will give birth to being a successful trader. Thanks,



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